LG31313lgUse this link to purchase a Lego Robotics set!

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 set is revolutionary... it's Lego set that can start your child on a path full of productive creativity. This set doesn't just sit on the shelf once it's built the way other Lego sets do. Rather, this set allows students to create an infinite number of robots that can solve real challenges. No experience is required, although of course we recommend sending your child to Lego Robot Camp for a firm foundation in building and programming. Once your student has experienced camp, he or she is ready to get a robot kit and start working at home!

We don’t sell the sets ourselves, but we’ve partnered with a small U.S. toy company called Entertainment Earth to get you the best price possible. If you use this link, you’ll get free shipping and handling and a checkout price of $349 (the lowest price you'll find anywhere). If you go through Lego, you’ll end up paying closer to $400.

Rest assured that this kit includes everything you need… all the parts, software, etc.

If you use this link to buy your robot kit, not only will you be getting the lowest price possible but also you will be benefiting Entertainment Earth (a small, U.S. company) and Robot Academy (for every kit you buy, Entertainment Earth grants us credit towards new kits for Lego Robot Camp).

Buy a Lego Robot EV3 Kit through Entertainment Earth

Buy a Lego Robot Kit

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